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To brand is to tell a story. ESPMedia employs a talented staff of professionals experienced in the maintenance and development of clients’ stories. Our varied experience brings a unique understanding of strategic planning and brand management at all stages.

Multicultural Outreach

Diverse Communications

The ESPMedia team is comprised of imaginative, diligent and culturally diverse individuals practicing across a wide range of disciplines and industries. Our clients benefit from our diversity, which allows for a thorough understanding of current demographical trends coupled with our creative methodology to reach your targeted audience.


At ESPMedia, our knowledge of consumer purchasing will help you make a significantly larger impact on your market. Our personal experience within diverse communities adds value to our television, radio, print, and social media production.


In today’s changing world, it’s important that public relations campaigns include both digital and print media. Through digital marketing, such as social media management, ESPMedia helps our clients establish an online presence to connect with their target audience, while our print media captures the classic elements of a marketing campaign. Through a combination of these two, ESPMedia creates innovative communications strategies in an ever-evolving market.

Digital & Print Marketing
Campaign Management & Consulting


With over three decades of experience, ESPMedia has consulted for over 100 political campaigns and issues. Our team has a strong background in coordinating campaigns for public awareness, political candidates, and grassroots outreach campaigns. Our clients’ audience is successfully reached by targeted messaging via direct mail, database management, social media management, community relations & networking, and more.


ESPMedia is an invaluable political resource, as we have the capacity to influence the perception of our clients to every age group, ethnic background, and socioeconomic status. We have proven ourselves to be a distinct and successful consulting authority capable of fostering important relationships for our clients and creating a demanding presence in their respective industries.

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Your brand is your public-facing identity and deserves a professional and unique online presence. ESPMedia offers a variety of creative services, including web design, social media content, graphics, photography, and logo creation. Whether it's a refresh or a full redesign, ESPMedia can take your brand to the next level with modern, eye-catching digital assets. 

Creative Services
Media Training & Crisis Management

The ESPMedia team is led by award-winning television personality, talk show host, and national media correspondent, Sean Pittman.


Our past experience uniquely qualifies us to avert potential crisis situations, but our team also possesses the ability to tackle business and personal crisis head on with strategic messaging. In many ways, daily business decisions have crisis potential and that understanding may be the difference between a proactive and reactive measure. We will provide the necessary instruction and insight to effectively keep your business and reputation afloat in time of crisis.



Our secure connections with radio and television broadcasting companies across North Florida are key to magnifying your candidate or product to a larger audience. We are there each step of the way: securing the media buy, drafting scripts, and crafting the final product. Companies we have worked with in the past include Cumulus Media, Comcast, and iHeart Media.  We continue to build new partnerships to make your journey to radio and television as seamless as possible.


Our team currently manages a variety of social media accounts to help connect you with digital users. Management includes providing social media calendars, graphic design, and copy content. We also provide strategic planning to help your online presence grow through both organic and promoted posts.

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